Uteki Serum 30ml

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Uteki Serum 30ml


UTEKI Serum is a highly concentrated essence with antioxidant, anti-glycation and long lasting lifting effect.

It reduces wrinkles formation and boosts skin metabolic activity, resulting in radiant healthy skin.


UTEKI Serum has an outspoken anti-stress effect due to 2 powerful antioxidants in its formula: RICE FERMENT FILTRATE (SAKE) and CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT. Both these ingredients prevent the progression of ageing symptoms caused by UV rays and boost skin metabolic activity.

UTEKI Serum has a proven anti-glycation effect thanks to an extract from the petals of the Sakura tree in its formula. As a result, the usage of product leads to reduction of formation of wrinkles and a long-lasting lifting effect.

UTEKI Serum is supported with hydrogenated lecithin that restores skin nutrition and texture.

How To Use

After preparing your skin with UTEKI Lotion, take an appropriate amount (0.5 - 0.6 ml) of UTEKI Serum in the palm and apply gently all over your face, eyelid area and neck. Lightly tapping and patting help Serum to absorb. Avoid rub in.

Use UTEKI Serum once or twice a day after UTEKI Lotion.

The efficiency of UTEKI Serum is elevated when UTEKI Emulsion is applied afterwards. 


UTEKI Serum is a pure science in the bottle. We’ve mixed traditional Japanese plant extracts   with innovative ingredients in a powerful formula. 

UTEKI Serum will not only provide your skin with a long-lasting smoothing and hydrating effect, but will also work deeper to protect your skin from the harmful effects of glycation and fight ageing symptoms caused by UV rays simultaneously restoring skin texture and its nutrition.

Fragrance-free / Colorant-free

Paraben-free / Alcohol-free