Uteki Eye Cream 10g

  • 580,00 kr

Uteki Eye Cream 10g

Eye cream

Delicately targets all signs of skin ageing.

Reduces wrinkles and strengthens skin around the eyes, boosts moisture to the eye area, reduces crow’s feet, eliminates dark circles and prevents puffiness.


 UTEKI Eye cream will definitely appeal to people who are more prone than others to dry skin around eyes. Provides an instant feeling of softness and comfort, nourishes well thin skin of the periorbital zone. Suitable for sensitive skin.

 How To Use

0.1 - 0.2 ml of UTEKI Eye cream (about 1 rice kernel) spread evenly over the skin of the eyelid and let the cream absorb fully.

Use UTEKI Eye cream once or twice a day.


Basically any concern you may have regarding your eye area - dark circles, puffiness, dry skin, crow’s feet, wrinkles - is addressed with UTEKI Eye Cream.

If you have sensitive skin you will be even happier than others to grab UTEKI Eye cream.

Fragrance-free / Colorant-free

Paraben-free / Alcohol-free